Your First Look at New York City’s Coolest New Hair Studio


It’s rare when a zeitgeist-rattling beauty destination opens….Even more rare, when a place like this opens twice: Hairstory has a new spot. In the new year, the team moved out of its World Trade Center-adjacent digs (where it was nestled within a wing of Hairstory founder—and Bumble and Bumble founder—Michael Gordon’s sprawling apartment) into a sunlit fifth floor atelier on Fifth Avenue in the Flatiron district….

And the unconventional elements in the new Hairstory space make her point: There is no front desk, but in the front room you’ll find the entire Hairstory corporate team at work around large tables like a Silicon Valley start up; a small photo studio setup with umbrella lights is at the ready for before and after pictures; and Sharpton and Darling’s private work spaces in the back that are so personalized and comfortable, it makes you feel like you’re in the fantasy version of a shared house in college with alluring characters passing through and the propulsive philosophical conversations to boot. Allure joined in on a recent sunny Friday afternoon.

Nathan Stange & Susan Penzner represented Hairstory in the lease

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